Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Upcoming HTTPS Certificate Change

If you’re a developer who uses the YouTube API, and if you make your requests to the API using HTTPS, there’s an upcoming change that you should be aware of. Sometime in early August 2013, Google will be changing the certificates used for establishing secure HTTPS connections to all of our servers, in what we anticipate will be a backwards-compatible manner. Still, since there are so many slight differences in HTTPS client implementations, we encourage you to test your existing code in advance of this change and to report any issues that you do encounter.

The new certificates are currently active on https://cert-test.sandbox.google.com/, and we recommend testing your HTTPS client implementation against that URL.

If you’re using HTTP instead of HTTPS to access the YouTube Data API then you also won’t be affected by the new security certificates—but you really should start using HTTPS!

This post on the Google Online Security Blog has more information about the upcoming change, which roll out in early August, 2013.

Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team