Monday, September 24, 2012

YouTube Channels: Get with the Program!

It's never been easier to create compelling videos and build a social presence on YouTube.  At this year's Google I/O, YouTube product managers and channel gurus Dror and A.J. presented tips and tricks for making great content centered around raising brand awareness, raising money, and obtaining feedback about your products and services.

Don't worry if you missed their talk, we recorded it!  So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to learn how to showcase your brand in front of YouTube's 800 million unique visitors per month!

Click here to view the slides from the video above.

Not sold yet? Well, have a sneak peek at some of the great material they cover below, and remember Dror and A.J.’s number one recommendation: make content, not commercials!

Sneak Peek

  • Tips and Tricks
  • What's your goal?
    • Raising awareness
      • Master your PR via video (include all your features and make bloggers’ lives easier)
      • Provide product/service demo videos to promote your company
      • Tell backstories about clients using your products/services
    • Raising money
      • Add video to your crowdfunding pitch to increase funds raised by 114% (source: Indiegogo)
    • Researching and supporting users
      • Record tutorials to promote and educate (see which features are the most popular using YouTube’s Analytics... you might be surprised)
      • Use Google Hangouts for scalable office hours and virtual focus groups
      • Figure out what features customers like/dislike via the world’s largest focus group
  • Resources to learn more

Wow, you made it this far without watching the video? Did we tell you they fill the presentation with awesome videos that showcase their points (including Chuck Testa)? Nope!? Well, now you know, and you will definitely want to watch the whole thing!

-Jeremy Walker, YouTube API Team