Friday, September 28, 2012

Cool YouTube apps from Google I/O 2012

We're constantly amazed at the innovative ways that developers incorporate YouTube into their applications. At Google I/O this year, 12 partners (over 30% from outside the U.S.) demonstrated their apps in the YouTube section of the Developer Sandbox, a demo area highlighting applications based on technologies and products featured at I/O.

Google's own Daniel Sieberg, an Emmy-nominated journalist, interviewed some of our partners about their use of the YouTube APIs.

With Daniel’s hectic schedule, he only had time to interview a handful of our great partners.  With that in mind, we highlighted all the awesome apps showcased by our partners at the YouTube API Developer Sandbox. (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API), headquartered in Singapore, is the place to share and discover videos about business.  They have created a video-sharing site to help producers of business videos reach their audience.  The site also helps business professionals discover relevant business information in video format.
Fun FactOscar Moreno, CEO, not only holds Business and Law degrees, he helped launch several startups (, Netjuice, Keldoo, and Tuenti).

Code Hero (YouTube Data API)

OverviewCode Hero teaches you to code through a fun, 3D game. Become a code hero and shape the future!
Fun FactThe Code Hero Team implemented the recording mechanism in the game that exports to YouTube at a 3 day hackathon!

Bonus: The game has
sharks with lasers attached to their heads!

Flipboard (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewSee everything on Flipboard, all your news and life’s great moments in one place. Using the YouTube Data API, Flipboard lets users discover, rate, share, and comment on top videos from YouTube. In addition, users can access their own videos and subscriptions, and subscribe to other YouTube users.
Fun FactFlipboard launched an Android app one week before I/O with a YouTube and Google+ integration!

LOOT Entertainment by Sony DADC (YouTube Data API)

OverviewGather your friends and set up your own production crew inside PlayStation®Home! What will you be? Director? Actor? Cinematographer? Extra? Try them all! Check out the amazing Machinima tools to help you record, light and build your film or television sets! What will you make?
Fun FactLOOT gives you tons of sets to make your own movies (machinima) on the PS3, including a Ghostbusters Firehouse Stage Set! (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewA simple and easy online video platform for businesses. Record, centralize and share instantly. also allows you to link directly to your YouTube account through the YouTube APIs.
Fun FactThe founders flew all the way from Glasgow to attend Google I/O!

Parrot (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewThe Parrot AR.Drone is a quadricopter that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Get more out of your AR.Drone with the AR.Drone Academy. Keep track of all your flights on the Academy map.  Watch your best videos with added statistical feedback and directly share online with pilots from all over the world!
Fun FactParrot makes remote controlled flying devices that can record and track their flights!

PicoTube - Vettl, Inc. (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewPicotube uses content from YouTube and allows users to create avatars, watch clips together, create playlists, and rate videos selected by other video jockeys.
Fun FactPicotube was the Grand Prix winner of TechCrunch Tokyo 2011!

Skimble (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API, and new Android Player API)

OverviewHere to power the mobile fitness movement, Skimble offers fun, dynamic and social applications for everyone. Available now are Skimble's Workout Trainer and GPS Sports Tracker apps that help motivate people to get and stay active.  Skimble uses the YouTube Player API to display fitness videos.  
Fun FactCo-founder Maria Ly got the crowd moving at one of YouTube’s Google I/O Sessions!

Squrl (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewSqurl is a great place to watch and discover video. Know what videos are trending, receive recommendations on what to watch and see what your friends are watching.
Fun FactCo-founders Mark Gray and Michael Hoydich also founded the successful software development company IndustryNext together in 2004!

Telestream (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewTelestream demonstrated Wirecast for YouTube, a live video production and streaming product, which was developed specifically for Google YouTube partners.  Telestream specializes in products that make it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how the content is created, distributed or viewed (entire process).  
Fun FactTelestream’s NASCAR Project won the IBC2012 Innovation Award!

Vidcaster (YouTube Data API and YouTube Player API)

OverviewVidCaster is a video site creation platform that allows you to create a video portal instantly from your existing video library on YouTube or other video hosts. Choose from a beautiful set of designer themes and customize to your heart's content using VidCaster's powerful template language.
Fun FactKieran Farr, CEO and co-founder, used to drive a taxi full-time in San Francisco before becoming a successful entrepreneur!

WeVideo (YouTube Data API)

OverviewWeVideo is a cloud-based video editing suite that allows easy, full-featured, collaborative HD video editing across Google Drive, Chromebooks, and Android devices.
Fun FactWeVideo partnered with Marvel and YouTube to allow fans to create their own trailers!