Wednesday, September 28, 2011

YouTube API and the News

If you love to follow the news as much as you love to code, then Hacks/Hackers, an international organization that sits at the nexus of journalism and technology, is for you. Its mission is to create a network of journalists (“hacks”) and technologists (“hackers”) to rethink the future of news and information. Recently, YouTube and LinkTV hosted a Hacks/Hackers meetup at Google’s San Francisco office. Together with four developer partners, we demoed web applications used by reporters and built using the YouTube API.  The presentation started with a YouTube API overview, followed by demos of the following:
  • YouTube Direct is an open source, user-generated content video submission and moderation platform.
  • Storyful was founded by journalists to discover the smartest conversations about world events and raise up the authentic voices on the big stories.
  • Storify lets users make stories using social media. With Storify you can drag-and-drop tweets, YouTube videos, Flickr images, Facebook updates, etc. and add your own narrative to tell a story.
  • Shortform is a new social entertainment medium, delivering continuous channels containing the best videos from anywhere on the web, curated by our community of video DJs (VJs).
  • GoAnimate was founded to provide an outlet for everyone's creative ideas. In just 10 minutes, you can make fun animated videos without having to draw.
  • Link TV recently launched Link News, an international news website that sifts through YouTube's library of news content to deliver breaking news and hidden stories to a wider audience. 
We would like to share the video recording of the event with you so that you can learn more. If you want to discover more about Hacks/Hackers, you can find the list of local chapters here.  

—Jarek Wilkiewicz, YouTube API Team