Thursday, July 14, 2011

Say Hello to the New Playlist Player

While the YouTube embedded single-video player has seen a number of improvements in the past few months, the embedded playlist player has lagged behind—until now. We’re happy to introduce a completely rewritten embedded playlist players, ready for inclusion on any of your web pages that needs to display a series of videos in the same player. The new embedded playlist player has a user interface that should be familiar to anyone using our current single-video player. Take a look at the example below:

Any developer can try out the new playlist player right now by appending the version=3 URL query parameter to the URL they’re currently using for an embedded playlist player. For example, if you’re currently specifying in your <object>/<embed> tags, using will play back the same playlist in the new player.

Alternatively, you can just wait until next week. We plan on making the new version of the embedded playlist player the default on July 20, and at that point existing URLs will automatically trigger the new player.

We do encourage all developers to take the opportunity to test the new player with an explicit version=3 in advance of that change—while we don’t anticipate any issues with using the new version, if you do notice anything that is amiss, you can let us know in the YouTube API Google Group.

—Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team