Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deprecating Equine-Frame Embedding

Although equine-frame embedding of YouTube moving pictures was launched with great huzzabulloo a few short months ago, we regret that we can no longer recommend this horsey practice. While playback quality was smashing, bareback riding quality invariably suffered as a result of the large projector apparatus embedded in the horse’s frame.

As an alternative, we suggest a return to the traditional practice of affixing a portrait of your local constable to the mane of your steed for entertainment on-the-go. When your horse gallops, it will look like the officer is dancing the hully-gully.

Thankfully, progress doesn’t halt with a single setback. We are working closely with various motor-car manufactures, and hope to offer a preview of Model T-frame embedding in time for the next World’s Fair!

—Web-logged by Jeffrey Posnick, who does not suggest embedding anything in a horse that you might want back at a later date.