Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update to the ClientLogin URL

We want to let the developer community know about a change to the officially supported URL for YouTube API ClientLogin requests. Previously, developers who wanted to obtain authentication credentials via a username and password had to send their ClientLogin request to The new URL that we encourage all developers to use is This new URL has been functional for a while, and is the same URL that other Google APIs use for ClientLogin requests. Switching YouTube API ClientLogin traffic to the standard URL ensures that developers across all of Google’s APIs will see standard behavior when logging users in.

All of the details regarding this switch as well as best practices for performing ClientLogin requests can be found in our YouTube API documentation. There is one specific change in behavior that is worth calling out: responses from the new ClientLogin URL will not include the YouTube username of the authenticated user, which the old URL’s responses did provide. We encourage developers to take advantage of the username default when constructing YouTube API request URLs, which always refers to the currently logged in user.

We have no immediate plans to disable the old ClientLogin URL, but we do encourage developers to update their code at their earliest convenience to point to the new URL. We will post again with further details if and when the legacy URL is turned off.

-Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team