Monday, April 26, 2010

New features in YouTube Direct v2.0

We're happy to announce the release of YouTube Direct v2.0. This release includes substantial upgrades that will make it easier for developers to test and customize the platform. In addition to the backend changes, we've also fixed a number of reported bugs and added these brand new features:

  • Support for secure AuthSub.
  • Support for viewing and editing YouTube captions for any video submitted. All caption languages are supported.
  • Support for multiple YouTube Direct uploader embeds (for different assignments) on a single page.
  • Pre- and post-submission text is now configurable on a per-assignment basis.
  • Users can now select from a pre-populated list of the most recent 50 videos in their account when uploading an existing video.

If you're currently using v1.0, we encourage you to download the latest release and upgrade your deployment. Please read detailed release notes and documentation on the new features as well.

We've seen YouTube Direct used in many interesting applications so far and we hope that this new release will enable more creative and engaging campaign around videos through your sites. If you have feedback on YouTube Direct, please visit our YouTube APIs Developer Forum and drop us a line. To receive announcements in the future, please subscribe to the YouTube API Annoucement list.

Amanda Surya, YouTube API Team