Monday, February 22, 2010

Announcing the YouTube SDK for .NET

I am happy to announce a new resource for the .NET fans in the YouTube developer community. The YouTube Software Developer Kit for .NET contains all you need to get you started with the YouTube API using Visual Studio 2008.

The SDK includes a help file, a project template and the following sample programs:

  • An application that use the Simple Update Protocol to watch for YouTube activity from a group of users.
  • An example ASP.NET website that illustrates the use of AuthSub authentication.
  • A bulk uploader tool that uses the new ResumableUploader component to asynchronously and reliably upload video files. Multiple threads are used to process video metadata, which is read from a CSV file.

After installing the SDK, you can open Visual Studio 2008 and select the YouTube template to get started writing your own code.

This packaged SDK no longer contains any source code, but it's all available from the project's Subversion repository. The YouTubeUploader source code is of specific interest to developer who want to see the ResumableUploader component in action.

To file bug reports or make feature requests, please use the project's Issue Tracker.

—Frank Mantek, Google Data APIs Team