Monday, October 12, 2009

Direct Uploads Server Migration

We first announced our new API upload infrastructure back in June and asked developers to test their YouTube API code against our staging environment.

Since then, we've started deploying the new upload infrastructure to production machines in a phased manner. Last month, we transitioned browser-based API uploads to the new servers, and have been closely monitoring performance and error rates to ensure that there were no unintended side effects.

We're now ready to begin the transition for direct uploads. Starting today, a small percentage of direct uploads traffic will automatically be routed to our new servers. We will be monitoring traffic over the next few weeks and gradually increasing the traffic that the new servers receive until we have fully completed the migration.

As a developer, you won't have to make any changes in your code to take advantage of the increased reliability and bug fixes found in the new infrastructure. While we do expect that this new infrastructure will be fully backwards compatible, if you do notice any change in your application's behavior with regard to direct uploads, please let us know in our developer group.

-The YouTube API Team