Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The ActionScript 3 YouTube Chromeless Player is Now Live

We have some good news for developers who integrate YouTube videos into their ActionScript 3 Flash applications: the official YouTube Chromeless Player API has been updated to natively support ActionScript 3!

Previous to this release, ActionScript 3 developers had to rely on wrapper libraries that bridged the gap between the native ActionScript 2 API and their own ActionScript 3 code. We're thrilled that intrepid developers were able to patch things together on their own and share their code with the rest of the community. Now that there's official support for using the chromeless player from ActionScript 3, everyone should have more time to focus on writing compelling Flash applications, rather than dealing with the unique issues that cross-language coding entails.

Please check out our ActionScript 3 documentation, and let us know what you think of the new API in our developer forum.

With the launch of ActionScript 3 support, we're officially deprecating the ActionScript 2 YouTube Chromeless Player API. As per our YouTube API deprecation policy, detailed in our Terms of Service, we will continue to operate the ActionScript 2 API for a period of three years (until October 14, 2012).

-The YouTube API Team