Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All The World's A Stage

Posted by Jeff Fisher, YouTube APIs and Tools Team

I know as a developer it is frustrating when your code that was previously working suddenly breaks because of someone else's changes. In order to help catch new API bugs before they show up in our production API, we have added a new staged version of our API running on

To use the staged instance, simply retrieve a feed from the different hostname. For example, instead of retrieving

you would retrieve

For uploads you can use:

This staged instance is not supported and will not have the reliability of the live API, so please do not use it in any live site. It is only to be used for testing your application against upcoming versions of the API to ensure that nothing is broken.

Go ahead and test your applications right now for the upcoming November release. In the future, we will pre-announce new versions of the API on stage once they are available on our announcement-only forum: