Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New YouTube API Released into the Wild!

Hi everyone,

The new GData YouTube API is here! If you remember my previous post, we've been working on rewriting the API using the Google data protocol to be more scalable and reliable. We're now ready to release the read-only feeds for you to play with.

You'll be able to do all the things you could with the old API (search through videos, get user information, and list playlists). On top of that, we've added more flexibility with filtering, querying, and alternative outputs (e.g. if you want output in JSON). Brand new feeds include video responses, full comments list, and related videos.

Additionally, the Google data client libraries are now at your disposal. The Java client library even has YouTube-specific extensions, and you can check out the Java developer guide for sample code and explanations. More documentation in different languages is on the way

This new API also fulfills many of the feature requests you've been asking for,
e.g. you can now filter search results by upload date, view count, and rating as well as relevance. Visit the wiki for a full list of completed requests.

To get a full picture of what's new, read up on the docs at our new home on
code.google.com. The reference guide, developers guide, and migration guide are great reads. (Not as engaging as Harry Potter 7, but really, what is?)

What will happen to the Legacy API?

The old REST/XML-RPC API will continue to work for at least a year - through
August 30th, 2008. After that, its existence is not guaranteed. If your website or app is using the Legacy API, we recommend switching sooner rather than later. The migration guide will help you through the process.

What's next?

We hear you - we know that upload and other write capabilities are wanted by the community. These features are what we're focusing on next.

We've also tried to anticipate other common questions in our new Knowledge Base.

As always, join the discussion forum to give feedback and ask questions I haven't addressed here. We're excited to see what you can build!